Why Did You Stop Eating Well And Exercising?

Commit to be fit
There is a reason you stopped working out when you started.
There is a reason you stopped eating healthy when you started.

What was the “trigger” that stopped your momentum?

Did you engage in an exercise or eating plan that was just too extreme to maintain and instead of modifying it to meet your needs, just completely give up?

Did you start a program and not get results right away and say “nothing works” and then give up and do nothing?

Did you have something sweet and go back to eating sugary foods and give up your healthier eating plan?

Did you go on vacation and give up exercising and eating healthy and come back with bad habits?

Did you have to cancel a workout and then stop going altogether because you enjoyed just relaxing?

If you were working out and eating healthy before your trigger, you can surely do it after.
You may have to modify things a bit, but you don’t have to give up.

Keep the momentum going!