The Million Dollar Mindset

5 Meals a Day

When trying to help my clients get results with eating better or exercising, I commonly hear them say, “I can’t” or “I don’t have the time”.  An example may be that I tell a client to prepare meals ahead of time and they say that it’s too hard with their schedule.

That’s when I give them a follow up question:

“If I gave you 1 million dollars to prepare meals for the next 14 days, then would it be too hard of a task?”

They now obviously view it as the simplest task in the world for a million dollars. So how can something seem so difficult and then within seconds seem so easy? What changed? Your MINDSET!

Then I tell my clients to treat themselves like 1 MILLION DOLLARS. Why wouldn’t you? Aren’t you worth it?

It’s not about being motivated by money, but about the degree to which you value yourself. We all have stress and we all have busy lives. Yes, some more than others, but when you value yourself, you will find ways to get things done. You’ll be solution oriented rather than a victim.

On that theme of 1 million dollars, there is a statistic that says that 70% of all lottery winners will squander all their money in a few years. Well, if you don’t feel you deserve it, you will find a way to give it away.

Think about how that relates to getting in shape for some people. If you don’t feel worthy, no matter how many diets you’re on or how much exercise you do, you will always subconsciously find a way to sabotage your goals and gain the weight back.

When you love something, you take care of it.

When you LOVE a car, you give it regular oil changes, you give it regular maintenance, you wash it, you vacuum it…

When you LOVE a pet, you feed it daily, you spend time with it, you pet it (hence the name)…

When you LOVE yourself, you……………………………

Think about how your life would change and what you could accomplish if you valued yourself like 1 MILLION DOLLARS.