You really feel good

I have been working with Charlie (on and off) for almost three years. I started on a 1-1 basis and then more recently became involved in his boot camps. Charlie has helped me tremendously in both capacities. I never developed a love for working out, but when I hit my 40’s it was clear I had to do something. Charlie has shown me how to work out in a typical health club setting as well as with limited equipment which allows me to have the ability to train at home and on the road. I used to think that unless you had about an hour to spend on working out it wasn’t going to be effective. I now know, thanks to Charlie, how to make the most out of a workout if you find yourself short on time. The boot camps are enjoyable to me because it offers an opportunity to work out with other people and the work outs have variety. When you leave a boot camp session you have done both strength training and cardio. You really feel good.