Went down 2 jean sizes in less than 2 months

After becoming bored with the gym, feeling generally unmotivated, dissatisfied with my appearance, and on the brink of turning 40, a friend told me about CR Fitness. By the end of the first week in my free 2 week trial, I was hooked. By eating cleaner, and working out 3 days per week, my whole body changed — I lost weight and inches and went down 2 jean sizes in less than 2 months. The best part is that I’ve been able to maintain my motivation and investment in looking and feeling good, and being healthier in general. Charlie is an excellent trainer, well read on everything current regarding diets, holistic approaches to lifestyle, and even cognitive psychology. He customizes workouts to accommodate different client needs, and creates an atmosphere that is fun among all of us hardworking boot campers. I have stayed with CR Fitness for a year and a half so far because it works. I recommend it to anyone who has hit a plateau in their workout routine, looking for a great group of people to bring motivation and inspiration, or just needs to shake things up. It’s a great place to start moving towards where you want to be.