I’ve improved my knee and lost 12 lbs

When I began using Charlie as a personal trainer, I was recovering from a knee problem which created certain exercise limitations and potential for knee pain. I was skeptical about my potential to see results through training, and honest about my lifelong hatred of exercise and love of chocolate. After 6 months, I’ve improved my knee and lost 12 lbs. by developing healthier patterns and lifestyle choices, thanks to Charlie’s informed persuasion and guidance. I feel good about getting stronger, slimmer and healthier. I really didn’t think it was possible. But, Charlie is well informed and teaches his clients the most current literature on health, fitness and weight loss. It is this combination of knowledge, consistent support, hard work, a good sense of humor, balanced by his keen understanding of human nature and realistic practicality, that set him apart from other trainers. He is the nicest drill sergeant you will meet. With Charlie’s excellent work, I have gotten the job done (no longer hate exercise, still enjoy some chocolate) and am thrilled by the results.
Thanks Charlie!