In approximately three months I have lost 20 pounds

Over the years poor eating habits exacerbated by work place stress, being on the road four to five days a week, lack of sleep and exercise; all in combination resulted in a toxic mix that brought me to the most unhealthiest I had ever been. Something had to be done and fast. An opportunity arose through a break in my regular work routine that afforded me the ability to begin to make things right. Particularly the weight gain needed immediate attention as it was starting to do real damage; hypertension, sugar levels, and cholesterol issues; you guessed it. I sought out a personal trainer to help plan and guide my recovery. My wife came upon CR Fitness on the web and we liked what we read; personal training through one-on-one interaction and nutritional support to develop healthy eating habits that could lead to sustainable life-style changes. I was looking for a transformational experience with CR Fitness and I can happily report that I have found it. In approximately three months I have lost 20 pounds, developed strength and stamina, gained valuable nutritional and eating habit knowledge all of which have left me well positioned to achieve continuous improvement. I see my relationship with CR Fitness as a partnership blending personal responsibility for one’s own health improvements and professional guidance and experience. This is truly a winning combination for me!