Simple Tips for Knee Pain Relief…you can do from Home!

A guest post by Dr. Joseph Damiani of Skyline Physical Therapy in Wyckoff

Simple Tips for Knee Pain Relief…you can do from Home!

As a physical therapist located in Wyckoff, NJ who specializes in Knee Pain Relief, I see a lot of people who are suffering with Knee Pain. There is a common misconception out there that arthritis and knee pain occurs because of an overactive life. Maybe too much running, standing, walking, exercising, or a very physical job. Here at Skyline Physical Therapy,, we want to clear up that common misconception.

You should know…normal continuous movement throughout the day is actually required to reduce knee pain and keep them healthy. In fact, did you know that inactivity can contribute to arthritis more so than too much activity? Prolonged time in one position also causes weakness and stiffness which contribute to acute knee pain! So if you are stuck at home, what are some simple things you can do to get knee pain relief?


The quadriceps muscle is the one on top of your thigh that attaches into your kneecap. This muscle is responsible for extending (making straight) your knee. When the quadriceps are weak, they cannot properly stabilize the knee, therefore the knee will experience more abnormal movements during activity. Abnormal movements cause knee pain and inflammation.

Try this simple quadriceps strengthening exercise at home; it’s called a ‘Quad Set’. Start by laying down, place a towel under the knee and push down into it, tightening your quadriceps. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat 10x, and complete 2 sets total. Complete 1-2x per day… I have found great results with this exercise in our Wyckoff, NJ clinic.

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Human Beings were not built for prolonged sitting. During prolonged sitting your ligaments, tendons and blood vessels get stiff and when you move out of that position, it hurts, and it affects your ability to move normally (causing more issues). If you are stuck at home and find yourself sitting a lot, every 20 minutes stand up! You can stand in place or walk around for 1 minute in an upright proper posture, the additional blood flow will improve oxygenation to your knees, release endorphins and remove toxins building up in your system, providing knee pain relief!


Prolonged or repetitive activities in the same position can cause excess stress on joint structures. Sitting is all too easy to do for way too long! This is why your knees feel achy after sitting, squatting or kneeling for too long. The structures of the knee have shortened, and when you finally get up, they need to lengthen again. Here’s a quick and easy way to reverse the harmful knee pain causing effects of prolinged sitting.

Solution: Every 30 minutes of sitting, try straightening your leg and hold it straight for 5 seconds, repeat this 5x for each leg.

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The hip muscles are key players in the function of all the muscles and joints above them and below them. They are the foundation for which the spine is built on and they are the Puppet Master controlling the knees and ankles. If you can keep your hips strong, your knees will move in proper alignment thus providing knee pain relief.

Try this exercise which hits a whole bunch of the important hip muscles. It’s called ‘Bridging’, very basic but very effective. Raise your hips as far as you can in a pain-free range and return them to the starting position. Complete 3 sets of 10, once per day.

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Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated means your muscles will be more flexible, your body removes toxins
more quickly and your joints are more absorbent of adverse forces. Stick to the classic
rule of 8 glasses of water per day.

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