Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching is offered at the Wyckoff facility for people in the local area or by phone or Skype for clients at a distance.

Many people follow the latest diets because they see other people losing weight on them. The diets are generally very restrictive and while you may lose weight using willpower to avoid certain foods, you eventually cave in, go off the diet and gain the weight back. Then you repeat the cycle with the next diet. This can create a lot of frustration.

The CR Fitness Nutrition Coaching approach is to teach you:
1. The nutrition concepts that help you feel fuller, enjoy eating and lose weight in a healthy way for the long-term without starving yourself.
2. The strategies you can use to help you deal with your daily challenges, so you can make healthier choices without relying solely on willpower to lose weight.

We want you to build healthy habits so that you can feel great in your “new” body!

“My whole life I have been up and down in weight and Charlie finally made me see that it’s not about specific diets, it’s about lifestyle. Using his nutrition guidelines and training with him has allowed me to drop over 30 pounds in a way where I don’t feel deprived.”

– Greg, Oakland, NJ