Lose 40 Pounds in 40 Days?!?!

It’s that time of year again where you make your New Year’s resolutions and most likely losing weight is at the top of the list. There will be plenty of choices to make on how you will go about losing those unwanted pounds, but make sure you choose wisely. I know you want to lose that excess weight as fast as you can, but that may not be the best choice if you’re taking extreme measures.

It can be very alluring to see advertisements to “Lose 40 pounds in 40 Days”, especially if you hate being overweight. But those diet plans are not healthy and drastically cut calories. You will most likely gain all the weight back and more. You didn’t gain 40 pounds in 40 days. You probably gained it gradually over a period of time, so the healthiest way to lose it is gradually by making healthy food choices most of the time and exercising appropriately.

Similarly, taking an extremely difficult exercise class can be de-motivating, unhealthy and can also result in injury. Challenge is good and needed, but too much challenge may cause issues. Exercise is stress on the body and you want to make sure you’re challenging yourself in a safe way. You also want to make sure your giving yourself enough recovery time from your workouts.

Both of these healthier approaches require “patience” and “persistence”. Yes, it’s challenging to be patient while you’re unhappy with how you look in the mirror and how your clothes fit. But being patient allows you to choose and stay on a healthy plan. And when you practice patience with yourself over a period of time, you become a more patient person which is a great quality to have!

It’s also challenging to be persistent with a healthy exercise and eating program when you feel like giving up. But you can do it! If you fall down, just keep getting up, but don’t give up! Similarly, when you stay persistent over a period of time, you become a more persistent person which is another great quality to have!

So, start this New Year off with a healthy eating and exercise program incorporating patience and persistence and your results will come!

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