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“I lost 15 pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 4”– Dianne, Wyckoff, NJ
“Since I started I have lost 30 Lbs, I feel great, look better”– Paul, Wyckoff, NJ


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A customized exercise program to get you the results you want!

  • One 30 Minute Consultation ($45 value)
    to understand your challenges & goals
  • One 30 Minute Training Session ($45 value)
    to help your body get leaner & stronger


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get results?
We do everything in our power to help our clients get results. We study extensively to give you the safest and most effective training programs. We also study extensively to provide you with the best nutritional information and strategies, that are based upon science, to help you lose weight and keep it off. You can see the kind of results we get from the many testimonials on our Testimonial page on this website.

What kind of environment is CR Fitness like?
We have a very friendly, non-intimidating environment where clients can feel very comfortable doing their workouts.

What is a personal training session like?
A personal training session is custom designed based upon your goals and your exercise level. It can incorporate strength exercises, core exercises and cardiovascular exercises. Each exercise has regressions and progressions. In other words, we can make any exercise easy or very advanced based upon your exercise level. We provide you with a safe, effective training session that will get you great results without beating your body up.

What is a nutrition coaching session like?
The first thing we want to understand is where you are in terms of your current nutritional plan. We want to understand what your challenges are in terms of foods and also what your triggers are. Then, we can provide you with nutritional information, strategies and homework that we mutually agree upon, all to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Will I be in shape to do a workout if I haven’t worked out in a while?
Yes, we will train you appropriately and according to your exercise level. You are always in control of the session and we will never push you to do something you are not comfortable with.

What if I have an old injury?
We can talk with your doctor and/or physical therapist when necessary to gain valuable insights to design a program that will be appropriate for you. We always pay attention to old injuries and we are always doing research to keep our clients as safe as possible and to help them move and feel better.