Don’t Work Through Pain










by Peter Dell’Orto


When you exercise, you expect some discomfort. You’re pushing yourself to do something more than you had been doing.

But what about when an exercise hurts? Not just discomfort, but pain? Or causes your joints to grind? Or just doesn’t feel right, or feels bad in the wrong spots?

Do you just keep going or ask for a replacement exercise?

Did you answer, keep going? I get that. It’s understandable – you want the results that training hard will get you. We’ve put an exercise in front of you. You don’t want to give up, wimp out, or make excuses.

But when it hurts, the exercise is not working. It’s not getting you to your goals. It’s no longer a positive stress that will get your body to change in the ways you want it to. It’s a sign that this exercise isn’t for you.

What I’ve been telling my clients is this:
“There is always another exercise that will get you to your goals.”

There are so many ways to get the “exercise effect” – that is, enough work to get your body reacting and changing positively.

If something causes pain, stop, immediately. Then tell us. We’ll find you another exercise suited to you, which won’t cause you pain. But one that will keep you moving toward your goal.