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    This is where we sit down and talk about your goals, your challenges, your motivation, what you’ve done in the past, your stressors, your health and injury history and your current eating plan. We then use this information to create your unique plan. We’ll also check some starting statistics such as your measurements, your weight and your body fat percentage if your comfortable doing this.


  • 1 Free 30 Minute “One on One” Personal Training Sessions.
    This is where we give you 1 customized personal training session based on your consultation, your exercise level and your goals. Some popular exercises may cause injuries in the long run, so we only select exercises that we deem safe and effective so that you can get the best results.

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“In late March of 2015 I found myself weighing in at 297 pounds, with little energy, no cardiovascular stamina, sore joints and generally feeling lousy about myself. I decided to seek out a personal trainer, something I had never believed in, to see if that route could help me get back into shape.


Charlie is exceptional at designing a program for the individual, tailored toward my needs and progressing at a pace that is safe for me but effective. I saw results very quickly and I started to get more lean and fit. The pounds came off quickly at first and we continued to set and adjust personal goals. I lost 20 pounds quickly, the next 10 were tougher and I hit a bit of a plateau after 30 pounds but Charlie was ready with some tweaks and adjustments to my workout and some very knowledgeable discussion about food and nutrition and I was able to work through the plateau and have now lost over 40 pounds in my first year of working out with Charlie.


More important than the number on the scale however, is the fact that I feel great, mentally and physically. With Charlie’s guidance I feel like I have developed and continue to develop life-long healthy habits with regard to weight training, cardio training and nutrition. Joints that used to be chronic problems for me: back, knees, hips, shoulders and elbows are no longer a problem and it has been a very long time since I’ve looked and felt as physically fit as I do right now. I have developed greater range of motion and flexibility as well as strength and I find myself able to do things physically and athletically that I haven’t been able to do for 15 to 20 years. I actually feel so good and feel so strong that sometimes I do need to remind myself that I am not 20 years younger but it’s a good reminder to have to give yourself.”

– Chris Wild, Wyckoff, NJ

“Over the years poor eating habits exacerbated by work place stress, being on the road four to five days a week, lack of sleep and exercise; all in combination resulted in a toxic mix that brought me to the most unhealthiest I had ever been. Something had to be done and fast.


An opportunity arose through a break in my regular work routine that afforded me the ability to begin to make things right. Particularly the weight gain needed immediate attention as it was starting to do real damage; hypertension, sugar levels, and cholesterol issues; you guessed it. I sought out a personal trainer to help plan and guide my recovery. My wife came upon CR Fitness on the web and we liked what we read; personal training through one-on-one interaction and nutritional support to develop healthy eating habits that could lead to sustainable life-style changes. I was looking for a transformational experience with CR Fitness and I can happily report that I have found it.


In approximately three months I have lost 20 pounds, developed strength and stamina, gained valuable nutritional and eating habit knowledge all of which have left me well positioned to achieve continuous improvement. I see my relationship with CR Fitness as a partnership blending personal responsibility for one’s own health improvements and professional guidance and experience. This is truly a winning combination for me!”

– Rob, Glen Rock, NJ

CR Fitness can help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Have a Flatter Stomach
  • Get Stronger
  • Improve Your Cardiovascular Stamina
  • Be More Athletic
  • Feel More Confident

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