Healthy Habits 21


Would you like to finally have a healthy eating plan that’s very easy to follow
and doesn’t require you to starve yourself or track every calorie but helps you lose that extra body fat?

Would you like to have a safe and effective exercise plan that is customized to your exercise level
that will help you feel stronger and look great?

If you answered “Yes” to both questions, the Healthy Habits 21 Program can help you.


My name is Charlie Remiggio and I’m the owner of CR Fitness and I created the Healthy Habits 21 Program.
Before I explain what the program is, let me tell you how it all started. (If you’d like to skip right to the program info you can scroll down)

I left a lucrative corporate job in IT to become a personal trainer at a gym over 11 years ago because I wanted to help people live healthier lives. When I started CR Fitness 9 years ago, I made a vow to do everything in my clients’ best interests and not just be motivated by money and sell things that I didn’t think were healthy. I wanted to teach them how to eat real food and give them strategies to help them with their busy, stressful lives. My goal was to empower them so they can lose weight and keep it off for life.

I created the Healthy Habits 21 Program because I was very frustrated with all of the misinformation out there about exercise and nutrition. I noticed that many people were following exercise programs that weren’t safe and they were following eating plans that weren’t healthy. Some people were working very hard and still not seeing results.

Over the past 14 years, I have spent thousands of dollars and have spent countless hours reading to educate myself with exercise and nutrition so that I can keep my clients safe and healthy and get them results. Along with my 2 exercise certifications, I also have 2 nutrition certifications:

  • ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • ACE Certified Weight Management Specialist

All of that education has culminated into this program.

What is Healthy Habits 21?
It’s an introductory 21 day program that consists of exercise and nutrition and deals with the root issue of your health and weight gain: bad habits.

Who is this program for?
Anyone that wants to make a positive change in their life by changing their exercise and eating habits.

Why should you invest in this program?
You will be given an education on how to eat and exercise safely and effectively with a sustainable plan that you can use for the rest of your life.

What are some issues with other weight loss options?

  • Exercise classes can be fun and effective but they may not be tailored to your unique needs and you may get lost in a crowd. Some exercise choices may not be good for your back, shoulders and knees and can cause problems in the long run. Extreme and long duration exercise may be too much stress for your body and can be difficult to sustain. Also, this type of exercise without the proper nutritional and recovery information is working harder but not smarter and will not give you the results you want and can cause injuries.

  • Tracking calories can be very labor intensive for most people. It is not an exact science. It doesn’t put the focus on intuitive eating and listening to what your body needs each day. It doesn’t focus on health, in the sense that you could eat unhealthy foods as long as you don’t go over your calorie limit. Finally, not all calories are created equal (1500 calories of bagels will impact your body differently than 1500 calories of chicken and broccoli).

  • Having very low amounts of calories is not healthy and not sustainable.

  • Avoiding or restricting too many carbohydrates is not healthy and not sustainable. Everyone has a unique carbohydrate tolerance and it’s best to find that tolerance rather than overly restrict carbohydrates.

  • Losing 20 pounds in 20 days sounds great, but what are you losing 20 pounds of? The goal is to lose body fat but you are most likely losing a lot of water and muscle in those 20 pounds. Losing weight this fast can slow down your metabolism and can result in reaching a plateau and not being able to lose any more weight. You can also gain more weight back in the long run. Plus, the methods that you used to lose weight that fast are not healthy and most likely will not be sustained.

  • Shakes and bars may be easy and effective, but they are processed foods and therefore not as healthy as real foods. Certain ingredients in some supplements may not be healthy. They also put the emphasis on living a “rushed” lifestyle and not taking some time to make healthy, real food. When people stop having them, they can go back to bad habits because they weren’t taught how to eat in a healthy way even with a very busy lifestyle.

  • Having weight loss surgery can be effective if you’re obese, but it does comes with certain problems. It will restrict the amount of food you eat but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will make healthier food choices. You can also have challenges getting the required daily nutrients from food with a limited calorie intake.

Why is Healthy Habits 21 different than other programs?
Healthy Habits 21 will provide an easy, healthy, safe and effective plan that is uniquely tailored to you.

How much does the Healthy Habits 21 Program cost?
The cost for the Healthy Habits Program is $360.

What does the Healthy Habits 21 Program consist of?
The Healthy Habits 21 Program consists of the following:

  • 30 Minute Consultation Session
    This is where we sit down and talk about your goals, your challenges, your motivation, what you’ve done in the past, your stressors, your health and injury history and your current eating plan. We then use this information to create your unique plan. We’ll also check some starting statistics such as your measurements, your weight and your body fat percentage if your comfortable doing this.

  • 30 Minute Healthy Habits 21 Education Session
    This is where we explain the Healthy Habits Program and provide you with all of the nutritional information and come up with a customized nutrition plan for you.

  • 30 Minute Exercise Assessment/Instruction Session
    This is where we go on the training floor and evaluate how your body moves. We assess if there is any pain or restriction in your movements. We teach you how to perform basic movement patterns in a safe manner to prevent injuries.

  • 6 30 Minute One on One Personal Training Sessions
    This is where we design a customized personal training program for you based on your assessment, your exercise level and your goals. Some popular exercises may cause injuries in the long run, so we only select exercises that we deem safe and effective. You will train 2 times per week for 30 minutes per each session.

  • 2 15 Minute Nutritional Consultations
    This is where we evaluate how your nutritional plan is going and answer any questions you have. We’ll talk about any challenges you’re going through and provide you strategies and make the necessary changes to improve your progress.

When can I sign up and when does the program start?
You can sign up right now by calling us and setting up your consultation session. Since this is a “one on one” program, we do have limited spaces and times.

Contact us at (973)709-0340 to sign up!