Fit Over 50

An exercise and nutrition plan for people over 50 that want to look and feel better.

This plan can help you:

• Lose Weight  • Lose Belly Fat  • Get Stronger  • Be Heart Healthy • Reduce Stress

I’m Charlie Remiggio, the owner of CR Fitness in Wyckoff and I’m 51 years old.

Besides training a numerous amount of clients over 50, I know what it’s like to exercise and eat while over 50 since I’m in that age range.

We may have old injuries, we may not recover as well as we used to, we may not have as great of a metabolism as we did.

So, we need a specialized exercise program that’s safe and effective and a healthy eating plan. You’ll get a customized workout and eating plan based upon your evaluation and your goals.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced exerciser. The program will be customized to your exercise level so we’ll pick the appropriate exercises and intensities that work best for you.

We’re not hear to beat you up, we’re here to build you up.

Our philosophy is to help clients be strong “enough”. Strong enough means having the freedom to do all of the things you’d like to do outside of the gym and be able to do them injury free. It is not our intent to push you so hard in the gym that we add risk to your workouts for the sake of reaching a number. If you get hurt exercising, it defeats the purpose.

We do see many clients with old injuries. The most common ones we see are related to the shoulders, knees and back. We are very experienced in these areas and our program is designed to help strengthen them.

The Fit Over 50 program is a “One on One” 4 week introductory program that consists of the following:

                                                  • 1 30 Minute Consultation
                                              • 1 30 Minute Exercise Assessment
                                              • 2 30 Minute Nutrition Coaching Sessions
                                              • 8 30 Minute “One on One” Personal Training Sessions

                                             Total Cost: $400

Since the “Fit Over 50” program is a “One on One” program, you can start any time.

Contact us at (973)709-0340 to sign up and reserve your spot!