The Confident Kid Program

Does your child lack confidence?
Is your child non-athletic?
Would you like a safe space where they are allowed to make mistakes without feeling judged?

Try our Confident Kid Program!

I’m Charlie Remiggio and I’m the owner of CR Fitness in Wyckoff.
I created the Confident Kid Program because I struggled with confidence in my younger years.

I was a skinny, non-athletic kid in grammar school and in my early high school years.
I was bullied on numerous occasions and I wasn’t very good when I first played sports. I had the most strikeouts on the baseball team, numerous losses in wrestling and I was afraid of getting hurt in football and making a mistake and being embarrassed. I even tried to quit the football team on a couple of occasions because of my fears but the football coach had a strong personality and was very persuasive and I was more afraid of him than football, so I stayed on the team.

I persevered over the years and got involved in weight training and by the time I became a senior, I had a muscular physique and gained some confidence which deterred the bullies. I also became a co-captain in wrestling, 1st to bench press 300 pounds on the football record board, voted Most Valuable Player in football and voted Most Athletic in high school. I was appreciative of these things at the time considering my humble beginnings.

Going from scared to successful is why I love and have patience for training kids who may lack confidence. I know where they are and I know how to help them through their challenges. Now, sports may not be for every kid but healthy exercise and being in a safe space where they are allowed to make mistakes without feeling judged can be very beneficial.

We can work with children from ages 8 to 18 and we can work on any aspect that is needed (strength, building muscle, healthy nutrition, speed, agility, sports specific skills, etc.)

The Confident Kid Program is a “One on One” 4 week introductory program that consists of the following:

                                                  • 1 30 Minute Consultation
                                              • 1 30 Minute Exercise Assessment
                                              • 8 30 Minute “One on One” Personal Training Sessions

                                             Total Cost: $360

Contact us at (973)709-0340 to sign up and reserve your spot!